Wowza! You have been busy you nutter, these are bloody incredible! Amazing. I literally love them.



Weddings – busy, chaotic, energetic, exuberant, ostentatious.

Elopements – The opposite.

I first met Amy at a wedding fair. A rarity for me as I’d rather eat my own shoe than do a wedding fair, but I loved the venue the fair was at so I thought what the hell. Amy popped by as she’d chosen this venue for a post wedding knees up and was looking for bits and bobs for it. We got chatting and she mentioned that for their wedding, her and Will were eloping. I hope I didn’t come on too strong, but I’m sure I said something like “LET ME SHOOT IT FOR YOU!!!” I may have shouted a little, or sounded quite creepily keen. But, what Amy had described to me as their plans was too good to miss. It sounded so beautiful I just knew I wanted to be part of it. 

And so it was that in early December I headed for Millbrook Estate in Devon for Amy and Will’s elopement wedding. Now, runaway weddings aren’t for everyone. Just like great big weddings aren’t for everyone. Amy and Will fell into the latter category. They lead such busy lives that the idea of planning a big wedding didn’t appeal to them at all. That’s where eloping fits the bill perfectly. Just the two of them, away from fuss. Intimate, honest, and heartfelt. When you really break it down, a wedding is simply two people saying they’ll love each other forever – everything else is secondary. 

Elopement wedding photography is tricky. Of course I want to capture it all, but I also need to be mindful that these two have deliberately tried to get away from fuss, and the last thing they want is someone dragging them here and there for photos all day. I think I got the balance right. 

Millbrook estate in Devon is the perfect setting for an elopement wedding. With it’s gorgeous little cottages to stay in, and the “get away from it all” feel, it really was just what Amy and Will were looking for. The grounds are beautiful, with the little stream running through and nooks all over the place for a quick photo. I hope I did it justice.

Here’s Amy and Will’s elopement wedding as I saw it