Ok, perhaps the title of this blog isn’t quite accurate. I mean, a registry office isn’t particularly “boho” is it? But then when I look at Jodie and Brendan, what they wore, how they are as people, and just how laid back and care free their day was, all I can say is that it felt very bohemian. It was exactly what they wanted, and the fact that Brendan ended the day in shorts and flip-flops says sit all. Ergo, “colourful boho wedding”. Don’t @ me.

Jodie and Brendan are what I love most about this job. They invite me into their lives. They are completely welcoming, open, warm, interesting, and they put total trust in me to do what I do. When I wanted to take them through Winchester town centre for some pics – “Let’s do it” came the reply. When the sun dipped in the evening and I wanted to take a wander through a nearby park, not knowing what we’d find – “You’re the boss”. As a threesome, we just clicked (terrible cliche and photography pun, but I don’t care). 

Jodie spent the morning getting ready in their home in Fareham and the nearby salon, while Brendan got ready at Jodie’s parents house. Originally form Australia, Brendan was so happy that his family had managed to make the trip over to watch him tie the knot. Following this we all headed for Winchester registry office for a short but heartfelt ceremony. We then went for a stroll through Winchester centre and it’s very un-photogenic market (I’m no miracle worker) before arriving at the Willow Tree Pub for a BBQ, dancing, and just hanging out together. It was an utterly lush day and one I’ll look back on for a while and smile.

Here’s Jodie and Brendan’s “colourful boho wedding”.