Jordan + Darby

As I say pretty often, weddings can be pretty much whatever you wish them to be. Jordan and Darby had their “official” wedding overseas, but they wanted all of their friends and family to be able to share with them their special day. They decided then to have this wedding blessing in Hampshire. A not so small wedding blessing it turns out.

Their day was filled with their own little twists, from the “hymn” sung in church (which was shall we say, interesting), to them driving to church together and walking down the aisle hand in hand. What I particularly loved was just how they really did it their own way.

The afternoon/evening was where this day came into it’s own. A pretty simple format – put up a great big marquee in your parents back garden, invite half of the town, tell them to bring a bottle, hire one of the BEST bands around and sit back and watch the carnage. I love these kind of days. I was in my element. There was something going on everywhere I looked and by the end of the night my camera needed a rest. Epic.

Wedding blessing photography in Hampshire for Jordan and Darby. Enjoy.

The Line-up

Dress – Kelly’s bridal couture

Makeup – Holly Isabelle

Hair – Jasmine Holman @ Green Mango Studio

Band – Kojaks Revenge