Back to Le Catel Fort. Yes!!

This place is just incredible. Overlooking Greve De Lecq beach, this hilltop fort is right up there on the “breathtaking wedding venues” stakes. This was my second trip to the fort and it didn’t disappoint. Hazel and Alex in their unique and alternative wedding gear also head right up there in the “breathtaking wedding couples” stakes too. This pair. Oh my, this pair.

Hazel and Alex, being based on Jersey meant the only contact we had was a couple of Skype chats, and they were keen on the whole day being relaxed, with minimal fuss, and as little cheese (or “Fromage”) as possible. Like most couples, the idea of being photographed was bottom of their “things we like to do” list, but as I always say to my couples – it’s more about being comfortable with each other than “posing” for me. As you can see, when it came to it, it was all pretty effortless. These guys nailed it. And their outfits – OMG!! Can all couples go for this kinda look please??

The term “music lovers” doesn’t do Hazel and Alex justice. More like music aficionados. The plan for their day – get hitched, drink, dance, the end. When you break any wedding down I guess that’s kinda the gist of most. Not every wedding however will have the bride on the decks, mixing and dropping a few bangers. Seeing people dancing under the stars, fire on the go, arms in the air, it was one of my all time fave wedding experiences. I loved the day.

Here’s Hazel and Alex’s day as I saw it.

If you’re planning your unique and alternative wedding, give me a shout. I’d love to chat.