We love love love the pictures!!! Thank you sooooo much for all your help on the day!


I’m not a huge one for wanting to shoot certain venues. I truly believe it is the people who make the wedding. That being said, I’d been itching to shoot a wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf on London’s docklands for a while now. When Charlotte and Gennaro got in touch and mentioned that they had chosen it for their venue I was sold – plus they are bloody lovely people too so it made it all the sweeter.

I met Charlotte and the girls at the Crowne Plaza, also on the docklands. We spent the morning hanging out and trying to keep the nerves in check. With a room that overlooked the river, and floor to ceiling windows I could think of no better place to spend your last morning as a Miss. Gennaro was also getting ready in the same hotel. This meant I managed to nip away for 20mins to capture the guys getting ready too which is always a nice touch.

Before we knew it it was off to Trinity Buoy Wharf for the ceremony. A small heart attack of my car getting stuck in the car park next to the hotel and having to grab a very panicked Uber aside, everything went smoothly. Trinity Buoy Wharf’s industrial feel lends a really interesting juxtapose to the usual wedding landscape. It’s lighthouse, it’s chainstore where the ceremony happens, and the fact it all takes place right opposite the Millennium Dome means it’s certainly different.

All of this however is not a patch on how amazing, lush, cool, and just downright genuine Charlotte and Gennaro are. To say I felt welcome at the wedding was an understatement. They were always making sure I was ok. That I had a drink. That I’d been fed. And basically just wanting everyone to have the best time ever. We really did. 

Here’s a small selection of images from our time at Trinity Buoy Wharf.