Thank you SO much for these – they are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy with them, your creativity and skill is brilliant and

I’m so pleased we found you!


One of the best things about this “job” is the people I meet. There is no way that in our normal lives that Alex, Jono and I would have ever met. And yet, by deciding to throw a huge shindig for their pals and wanting someone to photograph this, ours paths crossed, and we clicked. I am so grateful I got to meet this pair, and to get to know them, and to drink ales with them on their pre-wedding shoot, and to share this day with them, and to be able to create a bunch of images for them which I adore, and, and, and….

Alex and Jono chose Rumbolds Farm in West Sussex for their big day. A beaut of a place on the South Downs, Rumbolds Farm only holds a limited number of weddings each year, and I think this so works to it’s benefit. Everything about the place, and Alex and Jono’s attention to detail, made for a quite gorgeous looking day. Add to that Alex and Jono’s love for music (which was a theme that ran throughout the day – the music must never stop it seems) and I was in my element.

Alex wore a dress by the quite brilliant Sanyukta Shrestha – all eco-friendly and ethnically handmade in Nepal. I mean, come on, how effin’ gorgeous does she look? I don’t think a smile left Alex’s face all day. Coupled with her girl pals, they laughed (a lot) and cried (a lot – the speeches, oh man the speeches) so to say this day had it all would be an understatement. So much love in the air. So much laughter. An absolute joy to be a part of. 

Here is Alex and Jono’s day as I saw it.



Dress – Sanyukta Shrestha

Shoes – Rainbow Club

 Jono’s Suit – Suit Supply

Make-up – Hannah Munn

Hair – Makeover Box