Oh my bloody hell, just completely loved every single one.

I’m in floods of tears. We blame you!


Oh my bloody hell indeed.

I cannot truly put words to how much I loved this day. How much I loved every little drop of it. But I’ll do my best.

When I think of my “ideal” couple, it conjures up all sorts of people. I guess I don’t have an “ideal”. What I mean though by an ideal couple is one that just “fits”. That you can see, just from spending ten minutes with them, that they are right. That love (and whole heap of laughter) just oozes out of them. Alina and David are just such a couple.

And how friggin amazing they are does not stop and their love for each other and all that other mushy stuff. No. David is on his way to a PhD. Alina is heading the same way. If that’s not enough, Alina is also a World Record holder in open water swimming (she literally swam the entire width of Scotland – google “Great Glen Way Swim” and you’ll see what I mean). They are both simply an inspiration.

I arrived at Alina’s parents place for some shots of the girls getting ready, and was greeted by a canoe being strapped to the roof of a Land Rover. “Intersting” I thought. Turns out this canoe was literally pulled up from the bottom of a lake by Alina and her dad, and it now holds a special meaning for the two of them – so of course it had be invited to the wedding.

The ceremony was at St Bartholomew’s Church in Moreton Corbet. Alina and David’s pal Grace tinkled some ivories which was such a lush touch to have something so personal provided by a close friend.

After the ceremony it was off to Pimhill Barn Wedding Venue at Lea Hall near Shrewsbury for a quite epic evening reception. By the way, I have a new fave band – Just For Tonight. Oh my lord. I was captivated. They are next level epic (so much so I have practically forced one of my pals to have them play at her wedding!). The dancing went on and on. Ciders were drank. Laughs were had.

I was left with a feeling of “yep, that kicked ass”.



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