Debi and Cat – London Elopement

I first had contact with Debi around May this year. Her and Cat had a plan to get married near 3 Lakes, Ware, in 2016. All seemed fairly normal. I then received a call from Debi asking if I was available in September this year. “Ummm, yes. Why?”

“We are bringing our wedding forward to this year.”

Debi and Cat had taken the decision that, instead of the usual wedding, they wanted a small, intimate affair. No hassles. No trying to please others. Just the two of them, the love they have for each other and nothing more. To be asked to tag along was awesome and I always feel privileged to do so.

Shooting an elopement had always been on my “to do” list, so to get the chance to head off on a London elopement wedding was all kinds of awesome.

A simple, intimate registry office ceremony was followed by a stroll around London. Along with Debi’s two children and Cat’s sister we headed off for a beer, took the tube, ate pizza, wandered to Buckingham palace and met a dog. All quite standard really.

This was the first same sex wedding I had had the chance to photograph. Since same sex weddings were legalised, I’d hoped to get the chance to capture something which for so long had been denied. Love is love.

Debi and Cat were the coolest. So easy to work with, even if Cat hated having her photo taken (which is nothing new) we worked at it and the results were pretty damned cool.

Here’s what I saw on Debi and Cat’s London elopement.


London elopement wedding