I’ve never been one for interfering, for staging things. I’d much rather document what is going on in real life. 

I’ve been a father for a couple of years now (with another on the way). It’s quite incredible what having a little one around the house can do to your life. Seeing all these new things for the first time, through their eyes, is quite beautiful. When you watch a child take in the world, they really look at things. Everything to them is amazing. Even the most mundane object, to them, is beautiful and interesting.

In a way, this is what we as adults and parents have lost. That realisation that everything is precious, and beautiful when viewed with the eyes of the child we left behind when we grew up.


I naturally take a lot pictures of Dexter, but what I found most interesting was that often my favourite photos of him are when we aren’t doing anything at all really. Just hanging out. Eating. Playing. Crying. These moments are what real life is all about – the “in-between times” as The Cure song goes.

Life + one is just that. It’s your life, plus me. I want to create collections of images from a snapshot of your lives. Spending time with you, capturing what it is that makes your family yours. The little details, the quiet times, the natural everyday life and, most importantly, letting kids be kids.


Our time can be spent however you choose, which can be an odd or unusual concept for many. We are very used to the idea of what we think a family photoshoot should be (think white background, fake smiling, “funny” poses), that anything other than this is not often considered. I mean, who would want someone taking photos of you and your family just baking a cake? Or having a picnic in the garden? Or building a den? Or anything you do with your kids when you are not being photographed. These are the moments that matter, and these are the moments I feel I want to capture.

Shoots will last around 2hrs on average. This gives the little ones plenty of time to warm to me, to get used to the camera, and basically break down any barriers. I tend to work with children on their level. I don’t want to be seen as a “grown up” but rather a partner in crime. Someone that they can be silly in front of. Someone they can interact with. Someone they be real in front of. Often, parents, unfortunately you have to take a back seat, and let go a little, and allow them to be them. Nothing staged. All real. A snapshot in time.

So, all that is involved is a little bit of vision, a bit of bravery, and an openness to let me into your lives, even just for a short time, to capture life as it happens.




Approx 2 hours on location

Location of your choice

Approx 50 images in digital format to download in high-res (included in price – no add ons)

Travelling expenses included up to 50 miles of my home (PO12)

One 12×8 and two 8×6 fine art prints for you to frame




Of course, I can also supply prints, photo-books and albums from your shoot. We can discuss this further later. Fill in the form below and let’s get a conversation started.


If you love what you have seen above, and are interested in securing a shoot, please fill in the form below. Also, if you’d simply like more info about what’s involved, or you have any questions, by all means get in touch too.

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