Now, I hate to assume anything, but I’m guessing this is the only time you’ve hired a professional photographer for pretty much anything. Well, I’m also assuming you’ve looked at LOADS of images. There are quite a few of us out there.

So, let’s address a few queries that pretty much everyone has and hopefully we’ll make this whole thing a little easier. Here goes.

  • I’m anti-cheese. Like, I hate it. I don’t mean cheese as in “cheese from a cow or goat or some other farmyard animal”, I mean the “hey guys, now pick up the bride and have her feel mega awkward and smile and it’ll look so funny hahahahaaaaa (put’s gun to head, blows brains out). Urgh. If that’s you, I’m not the man for you.
  • I am REALLY into being arty farty. Not merely for the sake of it, not merely to show off, but I truly believe in creating art. Collections of images of your greatest day in a tasteful, timeless, artistic and slightly alternative fashion.
  • Fun. I think that if you’re gonna do anything in life you may aswell enjoy it.
  • I really dig couples who are in love. Sounds silly, but when that love is just oozing outta them, all that mushy stuff – I just love it. Capturing those little moments. The little glances. Yep, I’m all over that like a Primark suit.
  • I’m not one for posing and making you feel all stiff and awkward, but I am into intervening. When it comes to the couples portraits, it’s a collaboration. I help you through it, and together we create awesomeness of the highest order.
  • The photos for grannies mantlepiece (or as my wife calls them ” ‘top the telly!”) I will of course grab all the more formal, family portraits. I will certainly not spend an age doing this, however they are actually pretty important, and even if we only grab ones with the immediate family in, it’ll be worth it in the long run.






If you’re still on the lookout for some other bits and bobs to make your wedding day what you truly want it to be, here’s some like-minded folk I have had the opportunity to work with and who are pretty damn swell.