A wedding at The Great Barn at Titchfield, Hampshire, is simply an epic experience. As it doubles as an amateur dramatic companies theatre, you get hitched on stage in front of an amphitheatre of your nearest and dearest. It’s kinda cool, quirky, and just plain amazing. A bit like Chrissy and Mike (see what I did there?).

Chrissy and Mike knew exactly what they wanted their wedding to be – a big party with all their pals. Well, they got one. I arrived to photograph Chrissy and the girls in the morning at their house, and it was good to see some familiar faces from past weddings and old pals. Every wedding is the same more or less, but then every single one is also completely different. That’s why I love shooting them. This wedding morning consisted of tears, coffee, croissants, (and that was just me – ba-dum-tisk). 

We then headed for The Great Barn wedding venue for the ceremony, and then ice-cream, drinks, music, more ice-cream, some more drinks, a hog roast, some more ice-cream, and some more ice-cream….I digress. In essence it was just one big party with lots of pals and family having just the best time. Side note – if you’re stuck for what to entertain your guests with, bring a Segway. Hours of fun. Just be prepared that you may need an ambulance, or at least a competent first aider on standby. 

Here’s 50 or so from Chrissy and Mike’s day at The Great Barn Titchfield.

It’s was an absolute pleasure to have you there and everyone loved you!

These photos are amazing. You are a total marvel.




Dress – Twirl Bridal Boutique

Shoes – Rainbow Club

Suits – Next

Hair and Make-up – Georgina Chambers

Florist – Penny Lane

Ice-Cream Van – Caravanilla