Well….thanks for making me ball my eyes out on a casual Wednesday night. What can we say?! We are totally in love with ALL those photos, every single one. 


Dewsall Court now sits firmly in my top 3 wedding venues. I mean, it’s just GORGEOUS. From the old house, to the various little outbuildings dotted about, the sumptuous little patches of flowers here and there, and the ceremony/reception area with all of those windows; yep, I love this place.

I love Harri and Ben more though. They were literally like old pals to me. Everyone at their wedding was there for a good time and it really came across in the whole vibe of the day. Each time I clicked the shutter, another shot presented itself. Happy people, characters, and incredible details and styling all came together to create magic. And can we take one moment to talk about Harri’s dress? By Essence of Australia, O.M.Gawd!!! Simply breathtaking.

I have tried to whittle this post down, but there are too many images to choose from. All killer, no filler.

Harriet and Ben. All your pals and family. Dewsall Court. Everyone who had an input into this day. I thank you.



Dress – Essence of Australia

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Make-up – Naomi Emmanuelle

Flowers – Issy and Bella

Band – Electric Soul Club