As a photographer, it’s important I mix it up a little from time to time. I love shooting weddings, real couples and real life hugely, but I always have felt it’s important to challenge myself. To step out your comfort zone. As we get older our comfort zones become a whole lot more comfier so it takes a little bit extra to push out from that. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard was “If someone offers you a great opportunity, say yes and then work out how you will do it”. This was one such instance.

Australian wedding dress designer Cathleen Jia contacted me with an idea, a vision for a shoot to launch her new wedding dress collection – Love Struck, in London. As I said, I haven’t done a huge number of model shoots but this sounded like an amazing opportunity and I love Cathleen’s dresses and her enthusiasm for her work. Initially the idea was a fairly simple model shoot in around London’s Bethnal Green. Naturally I said yes straight away. I don’t work with models that often or do too much staged work so this was a little out of the comfort zone. When Cathleen then mentioned she wanted to add a second “bride” to the shoot, to challenge the fact that in Australia same-sex marriage is still not recognised, well I was hooked. I loved the concept, the idea behind it, I only had one stipulation – to do it my way. To simply do what I do, and that was treat the shoot as if I were shooting a real couple and that’s how we all approached the day – I shot the day, getting ready shots, a walk around the streets, and all the bits in between as if I were shooting a real wedding. Sara and Viktorija were a gem to work with. They made an awesome couple and they just ran with idea.

I had no clue what I was going to do going in, where I was going to shoot, what I wanted the images to look like. In truth, I simply threw off my comforts and simply embraced shooting in the moment. Finding great light, interesting angles, and letting Sara and Viktorija do their thing. I love the result. I hope you do too.

Huge thanks to all you lovely people involved –