Another year done, wrapped up and a big fat bow put on it. As I sit here thinking about the past year, thinking what to write, I realise that words don’t mean much. Trying to convey what happened this year, the people I met, the things I saw, the times I laughed, the love I saw, words just ain’t going to do it justice. 

It’s pretty easy nowadays to think “everyone is doing so well, but I suck” (bear with me, this isn’t one of those self-loathing things), you see others on social media literally killing it and I know it’s easy to get sucked down. This year has been by far the busiest year I’ve ever had. Basically I haven’t stopped since around March, and only this evening will I be sending out the last wedding collection of the year. Anyway, the point is, it’s only when we stop that we then have time to really think about what we’ve accomplished. I have just gone through each and every wedding I shot this year to put this collection together, and you know what? I’m pretty fucking chuffed (pardon the French – which I’m sure I won’t be allowed to use once we Brexit – sorry, had to get a political point in here somewhere, ha!). We don’t credit ourselves enough sometimes, but I am so happy with the year I’ve had. I really feel I’ve now got my feet under the desk, so to speak, with this whole photography lark. That being said, I still want to improve all the time, and try new things, and experiment a little more with how I shoot.

Next year is looking busier still, and quite frankly I can’t wait. Sure, I’m going to enjoy the rest over the winter, and I’ll finally get round to those DIY jobs I’ve been meaning to do (Jason’s wife Jen – “that is a big fat lie Mr Williams”). But I am already looking at next year’s weddings, the things I’m going to see, the people I’m going to meet, and the improvements I’m going to make and I can’t wait. Plus, to top it all we’ve got another little one on the way in February, so it’s definitely going to be busier one way or another. 

Thank you so much to all those who trusted me, who let me into their lives, who made me one of the gang. It means a lot.

Here’s 100 or so of my picks of 2018.

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